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Lync Features Comparison Chart (Actualizado 11-06-2012)

Aquí os dejo una actualización del documento Lync: Tabla Comparativa de Características entre Versiones Lync Server 2013 con Lync Hoster Pack y Lync Online (Office 365), ahora toca revisarlo a fondo.

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Lync Features Comparison Matrix
Updated 6/11/2013 Legend Yes – supported by Microsoft via 3rd party – capability supported by 3rd Party No – not supported by Microsoft.
The following matrix compares the feature differences between Lync Hoster Pack Version 1 and 2, and provides baseline comparisons with Lync Server (V-Dedicated Hosting) and Office 365.
On-premise server or V-Dedicated Partner Cloud O365 Multi-Tenant Parter Cloud 
  Lync Server 2013 Lync Online 2013 LHP V1 LHP V2
1-to-1 and Multi-party IM/Presence  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Address book search Yes Yes Yes Yes
DL expansion (DLX) Yes Yes Yes Yes
File transfers Yes Yes Yes Yes
PC-to-PC audio/video dial-out calling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile VoiP – to – PC audio Yes Yes No Yes
Click-to-communicate from Office Apps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interactive contact card in Office 2010/13 Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Lync skill search in SharePoint Server (on-premise) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lync skill search in SharePoint Online No No No No
Persistent Group Chat  Yes No No No
Privacy mode Yes No No No
Federation & Public IM Connectivity (PIC)
IM/P/A/V Federation with other OCS/Lync Server /Lync Online organizations  Yes Yes Yes Yes
IM/P/A/V with Windows Live Messenger Yes Yes No No
IBM Sametime federation Yes No No No
IM/P federation with XMPP (Google Talk etc..) Yes No No No
IM/P with AOL, Yahoo and other public IM networks Yes Yes No No
IM/P & Voice with Skype.  Yes Yes No via 3rd party
Conferencing/Online Meetings
Meeting Attendee Capacity 250* 250 250 250
  *Up to 1000 in a dedicated pool configuration
Registration (see Pinpoint for related Partner Offerings) No No No No
Public Events Page No No No No
Customer Branding No No No No
Custom Invitations Yes Yes No Yes
Managed Q&A  Yes Yes No Yes
Virtual Breakout Rooms No No No No
Easy Assist No No No No
Desktop sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
White boarding &Annotations Yes Yes Yes Yes
PPT upload Yes Yes Yes Yes
Office Doc Upload No No No No
Polling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad-hoc Multi-party Audio/Video Yes Yes VoIP – requires a partner for PSTN audio Yes VoIP – requires a partner for PSTN audio Yes VoIP – requires a partner for PSTN audio
Unauthenticated experience in web app (reach) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unauthenticated attendee (rich client) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduled conferences (using Outlook plug-in) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outlook delegation for scheduling meetings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support for RoundTable   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lobby Yes Yes (Not in ACP) Yes Yes
Integration with select partners for PSTN audio conferencing (ACP).  See Pinpoint for related Partner Offerings No Yes Yes Yes
Provisioning for approved ACP partners for Office 365 customers No Yes  No No
PSTN dial-out from scheduled meetings  Yes Yes – requires an ACP provider or L2P Partner Yes – requires an ACP provider Yes – requires an ACP provider
Client side recording & playback Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cloud side recording & playback  No  No  No No
Authenticated experience in web app (reach) Yes Yes No No
Generate a link to a scheduled meeting via web page  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduling an online meeting in OWA Yes Yes No Yes
PSTN audio conferencing in MCUs Yes Use ACP Use ACP Use ACP
1:1 Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multimedia Content Upload Yes Yes No Yes
JPEG Upload Yes Yes No Yes
Text Page Slide Yes Yes No Yes
Web Page Slide Yes Yes No Yes
Screen Snapshot (Desktop Annotation) Yes Yes No Yes
PowerPoint Presenter Notes View Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backstage/Content Preview for Presenters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mute All Attendees Yes Yes No Yes
Mute Individual Attendees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unmute All Attendees Yes Yes No Yes
Unmute Individual Attendees Yes Yes Yes Yes
In-meeting Attendee Permission Controls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inteoperability with on-premises video conferencing systems Yes No No via 3rd party
Voice & Telephony Infrastructure
PSTN calling (incoming/outgoing calls) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call hold/retrieve Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad-hoc PSTN dial-out for meetings Yes Yes (Requires L2P)  No No
Advanced call controls (transfer, forward, simul-ring) Yes Yes (Requires L2P)  Yes Yes
Access to Exchange Online voice mail  Yes Yes No No
Team call Yes  Yes No Yes
Delegation (boss-admin) for Voice Yes Yes No Yes
Call park Yes No No via 3rd party
Outgoing DID manipulation Yes No No via 3rd party
E-911 Yes No No via 3rd party
Dialplans & Policies yes No No via 3rd party
IP desk phone support Yes Yes No Yes
Resilient Branch Office Appliance Yes No No No
Call Admissions Control (CAC) Yes No No No
Support for Analog devices (e.g. FAX) Yes No No via 3rd party
Response groups Yes No No via 3rd party
Private Line (secondary DID for execs) Yes No No No
Direct connectivity with PBX via gateways Yes No Yes Yes
Direct SIP for audio with on-premises IP-PBXs Yes No No Yes
Direct SIP for signaling (presence updates) with on-premises IP-PBX  3PPI 3PPI No Yes
RCC (click-to-call) with on-premises PBX Yes  No No No
Malicious call trace Yes No No No
Unassigned Number Yes No No No
Network QoS – DSCP Yes No No via 3rd party
Media path optimization Yes RTP Latcing (L2P) No No
Phone number management Yes Yes (L2P)  No via 3rd party
CDR & billing reporting Yes L2P  Yes Yes
Integration with call center solutions (Aspect)  Yes No No Yes
Voice/ACP Integration with carriers/service providers
ACP Integration with select carriers No Yes Yes Yes
Voice integration with select carriers No L2P  Yes Yes
Client support
Lync 2010/13 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web app for joining scheduled meetings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rich attendee client (joining meetings) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac attendee client Yes Yes Yes Yes
CWA (2007 R2) Yes No No No
OC 2007 R2 Yes No No No
Lync phone edition (Lync-based IP phones) Yes Yes No Yes
Lync Attendant client (receptionist rich client) Yes Yes No Yes
Communicator Mobile (windows phones 6.x) Yes No No No
Lync Mobile  Yes Yes No Yes
Security & archiving
IM & media encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes
IM filtering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-malware scanning for meeting content and file transfers Yes (partner solutions) Yes Yes Yes
IM archiving (server side) Yes  No No Yes
Exchange/SharePoint Co-Existence 
Presence Integration with Exchange/SP on-premises  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Presence integration with Exchange/SP online Yes Yes Yes Yes
On-premise UM integration with Exchange Online Yes Yes No No
UM integration with Exchange on-premises  Yes No Yes Yes
Hybrid Lync/Lync Online
Server/cloud co-existence (split domain) on user basis (some users on-premises, some users online) Yes (w15 only)  Yes (w15 only)  No No
Splitting  workloads (eg. Voice on-premises, IM&P in the cloud) Yes (w15 only)  No No No
Powershell support Yes Yes (RPS)  Yes Yes
Bigfin (web) UI Yes LOCP  No No
Feature Configurability Per User Yes LOCP  Yes Yes
Attendee/User Reporting No  No  No No
Reporting (CDR, QoE) Yes No (Not shared as PII) Yes Yes
Support for 3rd party applications  
Client automation APIs (client side) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server side APIs Yes No  Yes Yes
End User Support No No No No
IT Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
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